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Polyphemus was not amused

Posted in Sketches, Updates on October 8, 2007 by sweed

I updated my site today with a new(ish) acrylic painting. I always felt a little bad for the cyclops in Homer’s Odyssey. I mean, sure he ate a bunch of Odysseus’ friends, but they were trespassing. And then Odysseus had to go and poke out his eye while he was asleep.  He only had one! Years later, in the Legend of Zelda and other video games, one-eyed boss creatures continue to suffer abuse at the hands of plucky young adventurers. Sigh…

On a similar theme, I did the following sketch… I guess because of a combination of the cyclops painting and the fact that I recently re-read The Hobbit.


Enjoying: The Once and Future King (still)
Anticipating: Portal
Studying: Yoshitaka Amano

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